The Farm Box

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Your kids will spend hours digging, planting, trimming, and rearranging their very own herb garden! We've created this farm-themed kit to get kids excited about growing things. They will plant the seeds, watch them grow into seedlings and then into full-grown herbs. What a great way to teach kids about growing edible plants!

This kit comes in a 12"x12" kraft-colored box and includes:

  • a 10"x10" garden tray
  • 16 small craft sticks
  • a wood oval
  • small river rocks
  • medium river rocks
  • a bag of moss
  • a 4"x5" resin barn
  • a resin horse
  • a resin cow
  • 2 resin sheep
  • 2 resin pigs
  • a swan
  • 2 ducklings
  • a chicken
  • a chick
  • a nest and an egg
  • a small container of blue paint
  • a foam paintbrush
  • a 2 oz. spray bottle
  • a 2 oz. bottle of tacky glue
  • 7-10 Italian parsley seeds
  • 7-10 basil seeds
  • 10-12 thyme seeds
  • 10-12 chives seeds
  • some basic instructions

Please note: This kit does NOT include the dirt!

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