New Year's Crown Craft Kit- Makes 4

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We are clearing these out! They'll still work for next year. Just leave the card off the front... OR, use them for birthday party crowns!

Entertaining the kids until midnight (or "midnight" at 10pm) doesn't have to be so hard anymore! This craft will really give them something to celebrate! Each kit contains the materials to make FOUR crowns. Most children will need some help with the duct tape portion of this craft, but will be able to the rest on their own.


  • Instructions
  • 1 paper measuring tape
  • 100 brightly colored flex straws
  • 1 roll of brightly colored duct tape
  • a handful of brightly colored pom poms
  • about 40 foam star stickers
  • 20 chenille stems
  • 1 small bottle of tacky glue
  • 4 2019 cards
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