Creative Arts & Crafts Box

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This sturdy 15-quart plastic tote, with locking handles, contains the materials needed for three children to do 27 crafts and activities in The Good and the Beautiful Creative Arts & Crafts notebook. We are now offering the materials AND the The Good and the Beautiful book on our website! 

This bin was designed to save you time and money. Imagine buying all the items needed to do all of these crafts. You'd have to buy a whole skein of green yarn, a whole ream of card stock, an entire 2 lb. bag of bird seed, and whole packages of all the little pieces. The list goes on. This bin gives you only what you need. Plus, you save the time of having to find all the right items and you have everything on hand at once!

Some of the crafts:

  • Yarn Pumpkins
  • Kaleidoscope Rocks
  • Beaded Corn on the Cob
  • Peacock Prints
  • Japanese Cherry Tree 
  • Three Dimensional Hot Air Balloons
  • Cork Sailboats


  • orange felt
  • light green felt
  • green yarn
  • a hole punch*
  • white card stock*
  • items for Changing Trees: red 5mm pom poms, green felt leaves, white glitter paint, foam autumn leaves, construction paper*, tissue paper squares
  • watercolor paper*
  • orange yarn
  • balloons
  • green chenille stems
  • brown chenille stems
  • a bottle of Elmer's Glue-Alll
  • gelatin
  • bird seed
  • a metal cookie cutter
  • parchment paper*
  • twine
  • plastic straws*
  • duct tape
  • paper measuring tape
  • green ribbon
  • brown ribbon
  • fabric glue
  • black craft paint*
  • white craft paint*
  • nail polish
  • skewers
  • disposable gloves
  • nail polish remover pads
  • jumbo craft sticks
  • hair ties
  • jar lids
  • a paintbrush set*
  • cotton swabs*
  • set of 16 watercolor paints*
  • paper towels*
  • plaster of paris
  • washable paints
  • paper cups
  • chip board
  • a thin black marker
  • white paper*
  • paper plates*
  • tan chenille stems
  • red pony beads
  • orange pony beads
  • yellow pony beads
  • white pony beads
  • brown pony beads
  • yellow construction paper
  • blue construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • yellow paint
  • light green paint
  • dark green paint*
  • red yarn
  • plastic yarn needles
  • red paper plates
  • blue paint
  • turquoise paint
  • a metal circle cutter
  • cording
  • air-dry clay
  • assorted colors of beads
  • brown lunch sacks
  • pink tissue paper
  • green construction paper
  • corks
  • wide rubber bands
  • 4-6" skewers
  • sheets of craft foam
  • Washi tape
  • a nail
  • a glue stick

*Items with an asterisk are used in multiple projects.

The items not included in this box are items most families will have on hand, for example: Scissors, pencils, tape.

Colors, sizes, and brands may vary from the photos. The contents in our boxes are always being re-evaluated to ensure the best quality and value for our customers.

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