Arthropods Science Box

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This box contains the materials needed for The Good and the Beautiful Arthropods unit. This product does not contain the science unit itself. There are enough materials in this box for 6 children.

**Note: This item has been reduced because we have a supply that needs to be sold before the crayfish expire. If you purchase an arthropods box, keep your crayfish in the refrigerator until use, and use it before 8/31/19.


  • brown clay
  • 6 glow sticks
  • a piece of silk material
  • paper towels
  • Cheetos
  • honey
  • one sesame seed per child
  • cotton balls
  • a crayfish dissection kit

Not Included:

  • something small and sweet
  • scents: vanilla, lemon, etc.
  • an ant farm
  • scotch tape
  • a few drops of cooking oil

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