How are you connected to The Good and the Beautiful?

The owner of Toolboxes for Teaching, Mandy Rohner, worked for Jenny Phillips and The Good and the Beautiful for two years. She helped with curriculum development, shipping, editing, digitizing books, a little bit of design work, and planning The Good and the Beautiful conventions. Jenny had the idea to create these kits of materials for the convention participants. What was meant to be a nice draw to convention became a massive undertaking, and the foundation for Toolboxes for Teaching was laid. All the experience Mandy gained while helping The Good and the Beautiful to grow, along with Jenny's encouragement, gave her the confidence and knowledge to start Toolboxes for Teaching.


Why do I have to create an account to purchase from your store?

Creating an account will be to your benefit. When you create an account on our website you can track your own packages, see your past order history, and generally find all information about your orders without emailing us and waiting for a response.


What do I do if something in my box is missing or unusable?

Please contact us at We will promptly replace any missing or unusable items. 


Why is shipping so expensive? 

Unlike The Good and the Beautiful, our products cannot be shipped through media mail. All of our products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or through UPS. The good news is that you'll receive your shipment in 2-5 business days. The bad news is the shipping costs more. As our company grows and our volume increases we will receive steeper discounts on shipping, which we will then pass on to you. But for now this is the best we can do. When we see that our system has overcharged you (more than $2) for shipping we issue a refund for the overage. We'll always do our best to make sure you're not paying more than you have to.


Why are most of your boxes for six children? What if I only homeschool one child? Do you plan to make a box for fewer children?

We made our boxes for six children because it was the most cost effective way to get started. All of the kits contain items that are used for demonstration purposes and therefore only one of that item is needed. They also contain supplies needed by every child for a craft or activity. We are currently working toward creating boxes for two children for each of the science units. and for the history boxes. It will take some time to roll all of these out. 


I've heard you have a military discount. How do I get that?

We are so grateful to those who serve and sacrifice. If you or a member of your immediate family is a veteran or an active member of the military, we offer a 15% discount... always. Please send a photo of a military ID to and we will add your email address to the list of people who are eligible for this discount. You will use the code FREEDOM when you checkout.


Will distance learning programs or charter schools reimburse me for the items I purchase from you?

We cannot be certain of this and you should contact your program to get approval before you order. However, most programs will reimburse you for our products. Our products are not religious in nature and are usually eligible for reimbursement.


Are you an approved vendor for my distance learning or charter school program?

We are constantly working to become an approved vendor for a variety of different charters and distance learning programs. We will keep a list here of schools we have been approved by. If you don't see the name of your program here, feel free to contact us at and request that we contact them for approval.

Currently approved by:

  • Valiant Prep
  • Inspire Charter Schools
  • Sage Oak Charter School
  • Excel Academy
  • iLead
  • Overture Learning
  • Innovative Education Management: South Sutter Charter School, Ocean Grove Charter School, and Sky Mountain Charter School