Spelling Box #1

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Our first spelling kit is for children of all ages! It contains more than 40 self-directed spelling practice activities, and the items needed to do those activities. 


  • a set of 8 washable watercolors
  • a die
  • a package of 4 pieces of chalk
  • a 6 color pen
  • a bouncy balll
  • a small flashlight
  • an arrow pointer
  • a chalk marker
  • a feather
  • a dry erase marker
  • a white crayon
  • a 4"x6" chalkboard
  • 5 double-sided activity cards with instructions and binder ring
  • 2 double-sided laminated dry erase cards

Unfortunately, the box we created to hold everything is just slightly too small and it’s hard to get all the items back into the box. We’re clearing out the imperfect product and we will have a new and improved version coming soon.

Spelling Kits:

  • Support spelling practice for The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Courses K-3
  • Give children active, fun spelling practice
  • Make spelling practice easy for you— practice is just open-and-go every day!

How the Kits Work:

1) Each week, give the child 5-10 spelling words as directed in your The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Courses. (Note: This kit is designed for use with Levels K-3. Levels 4 and above do not contain spelling lists. However, you are welcome to use the kits for any age in any way desired.) Write the words clearly on an index card, and place the card in the box.

2) Each day, the child will choose one activity card from the spelling kit and do the activities listed. Most children should be able to do these activities without help. Younger children may need help with some of the activities.

3) About once a week, test the child on the words and give the child a new list of words, including any words the child did not get correct.

Q: Do I need a box for each child?

A: Children can share the box if they do not practice spelling at the same time. If children practice spelling at the same time, they will each need their own box.

Q: Should the child do the cards in number order (do card #1 the first day, card #2 the second day, and so on)?

A: It's up to you! The nice thing about having your child go in order is that the child will receive an even variety of activities, he or she will not have to spend extra time each day reading through the cards and trying to choose one.

Q: What is the difference between Spelling Kit #1, Spelling Kit #2, and so on?

A: The only difference between the spelling kits is that they contain different activities. No kit is more or less difficult than another kit. It is suggested that you use a new kit at least each school year to give a variety and freshness to practicing. You could use a different kit each year, or you could switch to a different kit once every 3-4 months, rotating through all of them in one year.

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