The Nativity Box

$23.99 $18.99

Our Nativity Box is back for the upcoming holiday season!

This craft kit is a fun and interactive way to teach children about the nativity story. Each kit comes with all of the items needed to make one nativity scene. It can be shared amongst several children or each child can create and paint one of their own.

Included in this kit:

  • a wooden piece for baby Jesus
  • a wooden piece for Joseph
  • a wooden piece for Mary
  • 3 wooden pieces for wise men
  • a wooden piece for an angel
  • a large wooden piece for a shepherd
  • a small wooden piece for shepherd
  • 2 1.5" wooden balls for a donkey and a sheep
  • a 1" wooden ball for a baby sheep
  • a wooden bowl for a manger
  • 2 solid colored fabric squares
  • a square of gray felt
  • a square of cream felt
  • a piece of twine for belts
  • a paint brush
  • 80 jumbo craft sticks for a stable
  • 4 medium clothespins for a star
  • 4 mini clothespins for a star
  • a set of 18 Crayola paint pots 
  • a black felt tip marker
  • a 2 oz. bottle of Tacky glue